Billy Cone Photographs Pure Emotion in Fourth Book.

Award winning photographer and artist since 1982, Billy Cone, Wilmington resident and self proclaimed “citoyen du monde”, has just released a fine art photography book called Femme.

Designed as a precious tactile coffee table book, Femme contains images of varied sizes as well as poignant quotes by famous world figures, which compliment the women’s photographs on the same or adjacent pages.  Femme is the culmination of twelve years of seeking out would be “muses” to pose for portraits, which would possibly awaken something in them, the photographer, the viewer, or all of the above. These priceless images are inspired by the soulful visages of ordinary and some not-so-ordinary people that Billy has passed on the streets of Europe and America.  Ads also appeared in FUSAC and Figaro in Paris to attract potential “muses.”

Femme has a unique 7”x7” format comprised of 78 thought provoking images which are perfect bound in black cloth with front and back cover tip-on photographs.  In this work, Billy did not want to distract from the emotion by photographing celebrities.  Mark Arbeit, once the apprentice of Helmut Newman and author of Mark Arbeit, Work says of Billy’s portraits, “You’ve caught a great moment.”

FEMME is another revealing look at our humanity from the timeless perspective of black and white film; a book illuminating the common thread that holds us all together. This is definitely a “Women’s Issues book as it explores the innate beauty and emotions of our fairer sex--something men will enjoy as well!

“The mystery of the woman is not attempted to be solved in this book, but it acknowledge heart felt celebrated.  These women who Billy Cone encountered all over the world are captured in their candid moments, they offer pure emotion and trusting glimpses into their souls. – Tatyana Kulida, fine art portrait painter

According to Ken Settle, a fine art music photographer of rock stars, “Billy Cone has created a very special collection of photos with FemmeFirst, to me, it is the definitive celebration of women.  Each portrait is beautifully photographed.  The lighting is exquisite.  Billy achieves the very rare portraitist’s goal of allowing the subject’s eyes to communicate something tangible and profound directly to the viewer.”

As a professional photographer for over three decades, the author of three books, and the Grand Nephew of the famous Cone Sisters of Baltimore, it seems quite befitting that Billy would eventually create his own original masterpieces.

With a suggested retail price of $20 and available at most bookstores, museum gift shops,, and, Femme is a perfect gift or self-indulgence to be cherished for years to come.

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